Appliance Repair Resource Center

Do you need help fixing a problem with one of your home appliances? You’ve come to the right place. This resource center will show you everything you need to know about appliance repair.

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Appliance Repair Basics

We rely on our home appliances every day. From cooking dinner to washing and drying our clothes, they play a major role in our lives. As such, there’s nothing more frustrating than a broken appliance.

Whether you find yourself faced fridge, stove or dishwasher, there’s no need to worry - help is on the way. Learn how to find a repair company in a flash, how much a repair should cost you, and details on some of the best companies via our blog posts below.

energy efficient appliances

Energy Efficient Appliance Hacks

Thinking about going green at home? There’s no time like the present to get started. Fortunately, there are a number of easy ways to make your home more eco-friendly - and save big on your monthly utility bills - by being more energy efficient with your home appliances.

washing machine repair

Washing Machine Repair Resource Center

No matter how frustrating it is, sometimes, your washing machine just won’t seem to start. Other common issues you may encounter are that it's leaking, stuck, or not spinning or draining properly. While some issues can be resolved on your own, others require the help of a trained repair professional.

No matter what the issue is, there's no need to let it ruin your day. Learn what steps you can take for all your washer related issues with our Washing Machine Repair Resource Center.

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Dryer Repair Resource Center

Another common household appliance frustration is a broken dryer. Some of the most frequent dryer related issues include a dryer that won't turn on, won't spin or drain correctly, leaking, overheating and more.

With your high volume of clothes that need drying and your busy, on-the-go schedule, you need your dryer working properly, and you need it now. Get answers to all your dryer related questions and frustrations with our Dryer Repair Resource Center.

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refrigerator repair

Refrigerator Repair Resource Center

Perhaps the most important appliance of them all is the beloved refrigerator. We rely on our fridges and freezers to keep some of our most precious cargo in the house - our food - safe and sound, all year round. Thus, a fridge that fails to keep our food at the proper temperature can be devastating.

So what can you do when this vital appliance is malfunctioning? Read more information in our Refrigerator Resource Center to find out exactly what you can do when faced with this potentially sticky situation (pun intended).

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dishwasher repair Puls

Dishwasher Repair Resource Center

From entertaining guests at holidays or dinner parties to simply cleaning up after your family’s breakfast, your dishwasher plays an integral role in your day-to-day life. So when something goes wrong with your go-to appliance, it can be cause for panic.

Who’s got the time or energy to hand wash all those dishes? As it turns out, there are plenty of dishwater related issues that can be easily fixed on your own. Explore our in-depth guides to dishwasher repair in our Dishwasher Resource Center to find out more on the subject.

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oven and stovetop repair

Oven & Stove Repair Resource Center

Last, but certainly not least are oven and stove related issues. Unlike some appliances that you can temporarily live without, a broken oven or stove is an absolute hinderance. We rely on these devices to cook our food, and when they’re not functioning properly, you’ll be at a serious hindrance.

Whether on your own or through professional assistance, discover more on how to get your oven, stove or cooktop up and running smoothly in no time with our Oven and Stove Resource Center.

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