Dryer Repair Resource Center

The whole point of having a dryer in your home is to give you the convenience to do laundry at any time. So what can you do when your dryer won’t start or doesn’t dry clothes properly? Below, we show you everything you need to know about dryer repair.

dryer repair: diagnose the problem

Dryer Repair: How to Diagnose the Problem

You put clean clothes in the dryer and then nothing happens. What do you do next? A good first step is to see if you can diagnose the problem. The blog posts below help you understand how to diagnose problems with your dryer.

how to fix a dryer

Dryer Repair: How to Fix a Dryer

While some dryer issues are too complicated to solve on your own, there are some repairs you might be able to complete without professional help. If you want to try fixing your dryer on your own, the blog posts below can help you get started.

dryer repair basics

Dryer Repair Basics

If you decide to call someone to repair your dryer, you will want to make sure you find a repair company that is trustworthy so that you don’t get overcharged or made to purchase unneeded parts or services. The blog posts below will help you learn the cost of dryer repair and how to choose a reliable repair company.  

types of washing machine issues

Types of Dryer Issues We Service

Not Drying Not Hot Too Hot
Won't Start Won't Stop & More
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dryer brands we service

Dryer Brands We Service

Kenmore Bosch Samsung Whirlpool
LG Maytag Frigidaire GE & More
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dryer parts we can service

Dryer Parts We Can Service

Fan Heating Element Drum Thermostat
Moisture Sensor Blower Wheel Control Board Thermal Fuse
Lint Screen Drive Belt Drive Pulley Rollers
Bearings & More    
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