Oven and Stove Repair Resource Center

When something goes wrong with your oven or stove, it can be hard to know what to do. But don't worry - this guide has all the information you need about oven and stove repair.

diagnosing oven issues

Oven & Stove Repair: How to Diagnose the Problem

You arrive home one day ready to cook dinner and your burner won’t turn on or your oven won’t preheat. What to do next? The first step is to diagnose the problem, which is not always easy. The blog posts below show you how to diagnose your oven and stove issues.

how to fix an oven or stove

Appliance Repair: How to Fix an Oven or Stove

If your dishwasher is flooding your kitchen you may need to immediately call a repair specialist. However, for less urgent problems you might want to try fixing it on your own. The blog posts below explain how to repair a dishwasher, depending on what exactly is wrong with it. Be forewarned: some of these solutions require a lot of time and effort!

oven and stove repair basics

Oven & Stove Repair Basics

Usually, you’ll want to bring out a repair specialist to look at your oven/stove and fix it for you. When you make that call, you should be sure that the individual or company is trustworthy and that they will not overcharge you. The blog posts below will help you learn the cost of oven/stove repair and how to choose a repair company.

oven and stove issues

Types of Oven/Stove Issues We Service

Won't Turn On Won't Open Won't Cook
No Flame No Heat Too Hot
Smoking Preheat Doesn't Work & More
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oven/stove brands we service

Oven/Stove Brands We Service


Bosch Samsung Whirlpool
LG Maytag Frigidaire GE
Amana Electrolux & More  
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oven and stove parts

Oven/Stove Parts We Can Service

Control Board Burner Switches Relays
Gaskets Spark Switches Igniter Igniter Wiring Harness
Electrode Power Supply Safety Valve Heating Elements Sensors
Valves & More    
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oven and stove ranges we services

Types of Oven/Stove Ranges We Can Service

Gas Range Electric Range
Freestanding Range Slide-In Range & More
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